Exhibitions & Events Saatchi - Start Art Global & São Rafael Galleries October 2023
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StART art fair is a contemporary commercial art fair which takes place annually at Saatchi Gallery.

São Rafael Galleries
11th October – Sunday 15th October 2023
StART Art Fair London
Saatchi Gallery
Duke of York’s HQ
King’s Road
London, SW3 4RY

The highly anticipated Masters of Contemporaneity exhibition, curated by São Rafael Galleries, took place in the context of the StART Art Fair from Wednesday 11th October – Sunday 15th October 2023. The event was held at the prestigious Saatchi Gallery, second floor – Gallery 14, in London

At the opening of our mixed reality exhibition at Start Art Fair, Saatchi Gallery, the atmosphere was electric, with people milling around, admiring the pieces and engaging in lively conversations about the work and their own interpretations of it. The artworks on display were truly awe-inspiring, from vivid, vibrant paintings to intricate digital holographic artworks and virtual reality that challenged our perceptions of space and time.

It was also fantastic to see the reactions to the wide range of media being used, from traditional canvases to more experimental pieces that incorporated technology and multimedia. The artists had clearly put a lot of thought and effort into their creations, and it was wonderful to represent their work in such a prestigious venue.

Overall, the VIP opening, private view and collectors view was a wonderful evening that left a lasting impression on all who attended. We eagerly await the art fair next days and can’t wait to see more collectors, artists, press and such wonderful visitors… Thank you to everyone involved for making it such a memorable event!

This innovative event, a pioneer in its dynamic blend of technology and contemporary art, was a resounding success, and the participating artists played a significant role in its achievements.

The event featured physical displays from renowned artists such as Ashima Kumar, Catarina Diaz, Cecília Acevedo, Jamal Masarwa, Maria Imperatore, Raquel Gralheiro, and Sónia Travassos. Additionally, the exhibition showcased virtual reality and 3D hologram experiences featuring internationally-acclaimed artists like Marina Emphietzi, Arista2099, Ildikó Baranyi, Kevin Trinh, Shelina Khimji, Niko Kapa, Chien-hua Huang, Gulnar Sacoor, Xinyue Luo, Kevin Trinh, Giovanni Trimani (Pavart Gallery), Arista2099, Barbara Lo Faro (Pavart Gallery), Kwame Koda, Arobieke Tomiwa, Lilly Helja Jonasson, Niko Kapa, Leonor Sousa, Jiayu Liu, Valeria Magini (Pavart Gallery), Se Fenger, Abílio Marcos, Chien-Hua Huang, Lilia Luján and Harry Clinch.

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