Exhibitions & Events 'The beasts of beauty', immersive exhibition by Sao Rafael Galleries
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"The São Rafael Galleries inaugurated the autumn cycle of immersive exhibitions with "The Beasts of Beauty", bringing together three prominent contemporary artists in an immersive and interactive setting: Catarina Diaz, José A. Faraco and Hossam Dirar.

An exhibition that intends to be a hymn to contemporaneity and that unites sensorial and experiential design with images from the "dream-worlds" of fashion and everyday life, between the real and the imaginary, in dialogue with the naturalisation and exaltation of female beauty.
‘The Beasts of Beauty’ is a celebration of the female figure, its creative and autonomous power, focusing on its strength and spiritual dimension.

In the spotlight is the London-based artist Catarina Diaz who, through analogue collage and oil sticks, visualises the female figure inspired by the cosmopolitan life of London, by fashion, as well as by the memories of a childhood inhabited by the vibrant and exotic chromaticism of West Africa. The works exhibited are based on an aesthetic of the sensitive, whose displacements fluctuate between spirituality, pop-art and surrealism.”

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"Sacrifice" by MADS International Gallery - 16th to 32rd December 2021
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