Exhibitions & Events 'In the skin of', immersive exhibition by Sao Rafael Galleries
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I’m so pleased to invite you to celebrate spring and dive into the immersive exhibition «In the skin of», which brings together artists of different ethnicities, crossing African, Egyptian, Mexican and Portuguese artistic visions about peace, beauty and art.

Also thrilled to be represented together with Juux studio

and our “Let’s fly away-let’s find a way “ exclusive cushion!

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In this exhibition, the viewer is invited to put himself in the skin not only of the artists, through their shared reflections, but also in the skin of what it means to be a woman, to be a man, to be a child, to be an artist, to be from a country, to be from a different culture, to be who do you want to be in the modern world? This exhibition is a celebration of beauty and a call for all of us to abandon the heavy heritage of injustice and cruelty and step into the skin of equality, fraternity and freedom. So this Spring, São Rafael Galleries are in the skin of Hope.
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