Exhibitions & Events "La Vie en Rose" - immersive exhibition by São Rafael Galleries
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The immersive exhibition experience is an exclusive resource that São Rafael Galleries make available to exquisite clients looking for a unique artistic experience. Our virtual exhibitions are a destination of high production value rich in artistic content that make use of augmented reality, in which the experience of enjoying real works of art is increased through a virtual environment. It is an immersive and interactive artistic experience that allows the user to have the artistic experience of the exhibition anywhere in the world and at any time, alone or with family. If you are logged in to our platform, you can place your order right away. Take your place at the forefront of Art evolution and join us in the 360º panoramic view rooms experience. Let’s innovate together!

You can watch our virtual exhibitions through your computer, smartphone or tablet.

If you’re looking for a total artistic journey that will blow your mind > join our immersive gold experience with ArtBox VR.

You can view all exhibitions in Virtual Reality. If you have THE ArtBox VR headset and controllers just click on the glasses icon and follow the instructions.
Orizzonti Trasversali by Mads Milano
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